Tropicana Cookies Seeds Feminized

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A Complete Review of Tropicana Cookies Seeds

Tropicana Cookies marijuana comes as a package for weed enthusiasts. This strain is renowned for its ability to induce overwhelming effects on users, including those with high tolerance levels. Additionally, the sweet flavor in the strain has also pushed the demand for Tropicana Cookies seeds high. Other factors that have made Tropicana Cookies marijuana seeds popular are the high yielding capacity and moderate growing requirements. The following is a breakdown of features that make Tropicana Cookies stand out.

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Indoor Yield 1.3 – 1.6 oz/ft² (400 – 500 g/m²)
Outdoor Yield 18 – 21 oz (500 – 600 gr) per plant
Flowering Time 63 – 70 days
Height High
THC level 20 – 25 %
CBD level Low
Climate Mild
Grow Difficulty Moderate
Flavors Citrus / Fruity / Flowery / Sweet
Effect Energetic / Calming / Creative / Focus
Type 30% Indica / 70% Sativa
Parents Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors

The Genotype of Tropicana Cookies Seeds

Tropicana Cookies strain seeds have a rich history and deep genotypes. The strain was developed after crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie strains. Tropicana Cookies cannabis, which is a hybrid, has 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.

The Phenotype of Tropicana Cookies Seeds

After the germination of Tropicana weed seeds, the genotypes are exposed to the external environment to activate the phenotypes. The following is a breakdown of phenotypes that make it easy to identify Tropicana Cookies from a distance:

Heart-shaped buds – The flower buds in Tropicana Cookies are shaped like a heart, with a minty green hue to further make them attractive.

Dark purple nugs – The nugs in Tropicana Cookies are dark purple, with a heavy coating of orange pistils and crystalline trichomes that make the strain irresistibly appealing.

The Yield of Tropicana Cookies Seeds

Tropicana Cookies cannabis seeds have proved to be the real deal due to their ability to thrive indoors and outdoors. When you cultivate Tropicana Cookies cannabis seeds indoors under optimal conditions, the plant yields between 1.3 – 1.6 oz/ft² (400 – 500 g/m²). On the other hand, if you grow the Tropicana Cookies weed seeds outdoors, you are assured of 18 – 21 oz (500 – 600 gr) per plant.

Flowering Time

Different cannabis strains have varying flowering periods, and Tropicana Cookies is not an exception. After the germination and the vegetation of Tropicana Cookies marijuana seeds indoors, you should wait for 63 to 70 days for the plant to complete its flowering cycle. On the other hand, after the germination of Tropicana Cookies seeds for sale outdoors, you should wait until late September for the plant to complete its flowering cycle.

Taste and Aroma of Tropicana Cookies

Tropicana Cookies strain seeds have a rich profile of taste and aroma that makes the strain irresistible. When you inhale the smooth smoke from this weed, a sour orange candy flavor hits your taste buds, leaving a tingling effect. During exhalation, your taste buds can identify a sweet cookie flavor, making you yearn for more.

When you break open the flower buds, a strong earthy pine with a strong orange hint hits you, making you need more and more of it. Upon exhalation, the nugs produce a mellow pungent aroma with a smooth smoke.

Effects of Tropicana Cookies

Tropicana Cookies seeds are getting more popular due to the instant hit that the strain offers to users. The effects are linked to the staggering high THC level and Indica-Sativa profile in the weed.

After a few puffs of Tropicana Cookies marijuana, an energy rush kicks in, making you feel lightheaded. After some time, you might feel happier with thoughts rushing through your head. However, these effects only last for a few minutes and are soon replaced by the cerebral effects from the Indica.

The Indica properties harbored in Tropicana Cookies feminized seeds induce calming effects in the brain, making it easy for you to concentrate. However, as the Indica flows from the brain, a sedative effect starts to take a toll on your body. Your limbs might feel exceptionally heavy, making it hard for you to move. If you have low tolerance, the sedative effects might send you into a couch-lock, making your word spin before getting into a deep sleep.

Once the sedative effects wear out, hunger pangs kick in violently. If you had not taken enough food before the session, these hunger pangs could send you scavenging for any available meal; whether raw or ready.

The final effect that is synonymous with Tropicana Cookies is cottonmouth. The cottonmouth occurs due to low saliva production and is characterized by bloodshot eyes, an itchy throat, and dry lips. You can suppress the cottonmouth symptoms by taking adequate fluids during or after a session of Tropicana Cookies weed.

Recreational Effects

As a recreational marijuana consumer, you will find Tropicana Cookies cannabis seeds effective in various ways. First, the head-high effects from the THC-Sativa combo will keep you hyperactive and creative. After a session, these properties allow you to socialize with other people easily.

On the other hand, the calming effects of the Indica properties in Tropicana Cookies marijuana are the perfect way to keep you focused and relaxed. You can take a few puffs to keep you focused during a movie session or meditation.

Medical Effects

Tropicana Cookies seeds harbor numerous health benefits and are becoming a favorite choice for MMJ cardholders and other medical marijuana users.

The numbing effects due to the THC properties in this weed have made the strain effective in suppressing chronic pain and inflammation. People battling menstrual cramps, injuries, and arthritis have recorded an improvement in their respective conditions after taking the weed.

The Indica-Sativa properties harbored in Tropicana Cookies seeds are also effective in managing various mental conditions. People managing anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and PTSD have admitted to having experienced an improvement in their conditions.

Finally, the sleep and hunger-inducing properties due to Indica have also proved effective in suppressing insomnia and poor eating disorders.


Tropicana Cookies feminized seeds contain one of the highest THC levels you will ever find in the cannabis industry. Tests on these buds have revealed that the THC ranges from 20 to a staggering 25%.


Tropicana Cookies seeds for sale harbor an extremely low CBD profile, with most nugs recording less than 1% of this nonpsychotic cannabinoid.

Final Thoughts on Tropicana Cookies Seeds

As a cannabis enthusiast, Tropicana Cookies seeds should be on your bucket list of the best strains to try out. With some experience, you can grow this weed and harvest it massively. If you are looking for top-grade Tropicana Cookies weed seeds, we got you covered. Our quality is unmatched, and our pricing is tailored for you.

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