Strawberry Banana Seeds Feminized

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An extremely fruity strain

Strawberry Banana Seeds are very easy to grow and produce amazing yields in a short period of time. The Strawberry Banana strain combines the best traits from both Indica and Sativa with 70% of Indica prevalence. As being a cross between Crockett’s Banana Kush and Serious Strawberry (phenotype of Bubble gum), Strawberry Banana has an extremely tasty sweet fruity flavor.

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Indoor Yield 1.3 – 1.6 oz/ft2 (400 – 500 g/m2)
Outdoor Yield 21 oz (600 gr) per plant
Flowering Time 56 – 63 days
Height Medium
THC level 22 – 26 %
CBD level Low
Climate Mild
Grow Difficulty Easy
Flavors Sweet / Strawberry / Earthy / Tropical
Effect Creative / Euphoric / Energy
Type 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Parents Banana Kush x Bubble Gum
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors

Strawberry banana seeds provide excellent yields for your cannabis crop. You can easily expect strawnana seeds to flower within 8 to 9 weeks of planting them. The best part is, strawberry banana cannabis seeds will flourish in pretty much all systems.

Growing Strawberry Banana Seeds

Many growers prefer the strawberry banana strain seeds because they are so easy to grow. Even if you have no knowledge whatsoever on cannabis seeds, you can produce a crop that will blow your socks off! Beginners will find that there are very few mistakes that can be made by planting the strawnana strain seeds. And those that are an expert in the cannabis field will be able to produce tremendous amounts of yield. If grown indoors, these seeds will produce 15 to 19 ounces per square meter. If you decide to grow outdoors, you can yield 23 ounces or more for every plant!

When looking for strawberry banana seeds for sale, there is one crucial piece of information that you must remember. Once these bad boys are planted and start to flower, the plants will reach the size of medium height bush. You will want to make sure that you have ample room available for your crop.

As the seeds flourish into plants and begin to flower, pistils that are golden in color will be intertwined. The plant will be frosted in appearance to let the grower know it was cultivated properly with tips that are covered in trichomes.

Strawnana seeds can truly change the way you see indica and sativa blends. This hybrid is perfectly balanced with a 70:30 indica-to-sativa ratio, providing the exact amount of thick indica effects while providing just enough sativa for your comfort. These strawnana strain seeds can provide a palette with a joyous array of fruit-filled sensory that is super smooth. The effects provide a lasting euphoria to show your creative side.

Strawberry banana cannabis seeds are a legend in the making. Worldwide, everyone finds them to be a source for an excellent painkiller for various ailments, such as PTSD, migraines, headaches, or chronic pain. Those who suffer from ADD, ADHD, fatigue, anxiety, and depression can greatly benefit from using this strain. The plant brings a deep sense of calm and serenity to those that use it, so it is perfect for anyone who has muscle aches or spasms.

Optimal Growing Conditions for Strawnana Seeds

Strawberry banana seeds are quite exotic. They are able to be grown both indoors and out, but most cannabis farmers have the best results in planting them indoors. However, if you do plant your seeds outdoors, you can take comfort in knowing durable and thick branches are produced, so the plant will be able to survive in a harsh environment. The climate should be on the dry side with a temperature of around 70 degrees F in order to support the strawberry banana seeds. Lots of warm sunshine will make the seeds produce a larger yield.

The strawnana strain seeds grow amazingly well in organic soil that has been improved by mixing in coco coir and compost tea. You will want to make sure that you keep feeding the plant to provide the nutrients it needs in order to flourish. If you are looking for a denser flowering plant, consider topping them so they are bushy and fanned out.

Resistance to Pests and Mold

Mold and pests are a concern of anyone that has ever grown cannabis plants. With strawberry banana cannabis seeds, you will not have to worry about this. They resist not only mold but also fungal disease and pests too. If for any reason your plant becomes infested with pests, it is most like due to an error in your growing practices. You have to be careful, if you do not keep the area clean or bring in pests with you into the planting area, you will be more likely to develop pests.

If you are looking for a way to grow your cannabis in an easy fashion, consider strawberry banana feminized seeds. This will be a sure fire way to guarantee that your crop is female. It takes the guesswork out of planting, only to see that most of your plants are male. However, you should note that if you are looking to produce seeds, you will want to find strawberry banana seeds for sale that are not feminized.

Strawnana strain seeds have been known to make many relive their summer vacations. The flavor profile on this strain is immense. With the juiciness of a ripe strawberry and the sweetness of a tropical banana, this cannabis strain tastes just like a summertime smoothie. There is an earthy undertone to this fruity, yet sour, cannabis.

When looking for strawberry banana seeds for sale, be certain to buy from a trusted source. Our dutch seed bank has the best strawberry banana cannabis seeds that can provide you with all the joy you are looking for.

Production of Strawberry Banana Seeds

Although there is no autoflowering version of this strawberry phenotype, you can get Feminized Strawberry Banana Seeds from Dutch Seeds Shop which include parentage from Reserva Privada and DNA Genetics. This strain not only provides a sweet buzz but also tastes amazing and makes you feel happy.

With these Strawberry Banana Seeds, you can expect a flowering time of about 7 to 9 weeks. When you harvest the buds the smell of sweetness will immediately hit your nose and the flavor is just as nice.

When growing these marijuana seeds outdoors, you can expect to harvest around the middle of October. They are highly resistant to disease and easily fight off pests, mold, and other harmful factors that can damage your plants.

Character & Flavor

With our seeds, Strawberry Banana plants can grow up to 6 feet tall. Normally, buds are of average size. The fan leaves are usually of light green color. These are all surrounded by bright orange “hairs” and may turn purple if you grow the weed in a cooler climate. You can also expect the entire plant to be covered in frosty trichomes and sticky resin.

Medical Properties of Strawberry Banana Seeds

The Strawberry Banana seeds will produce plants that have a THC level of around 26%. Even if you love the sweet taste, you should not underestimate the potency of the strain. You can buy Strawberry Banana seeds at Dutch Seeds Shop and grow the plant which will help you to treat a lot of different health conditions including back pain, shingles, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and other pain syndromes. It is also a solution for treating the opioid epidemic in the USA.


Strawberry Banana can give you the munchies but some people say that the effect of feeling hungry is not so intense. It is a powerful strain so if you continue talking, you may fall asleep. It is better to use this strain in the evening or late at night before bedtime.

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16 reviews for Strawberry Banana Seeds
  1. daniel.portuit

    Good product

  2. robinhornblower

    this strain is pure gold

  3. Ganjaman

    I planted all the five of them at once. 2 weeks into veg now. So far the results are remarkable.

    As to the strain’s effects. Strawberry banana is like caffiene that is good for staying awake, don’t try to smoke it before bed thinking oh it’s an indica leaning cannabis, it’ll help me fall asleep. No, it won’t. This strain is not your usual indica, it is perhaps the most unique variety you’ll ever taste.

  4. Randall

    Very happy with shipping time! Awesome service

  5. gonzalezz1977

    all too typical of an indica

  6. Pobert U

    its flavor is very sweet and I love that

  7. TJ

    The Strawberry banana is an easy strain to grow. Don’t hesitate, buy it. Quick delivery, great results

  8. Brandon Manley

    Great product with great results

  9. buena

    Strawberry Banana is by far my favorite strain! High yield, as well as great taste and aroma – what else do you want?

  10. gonzalezz1977

    I germinated the seeds indoors, transplanted the plants outdoors, after which a few of them wilted for no apparent reason…

  11. travisjharker (verified owner)

    Haven’t received the seeds yet but wanted to give Dutch seeds a 5 for their customer service.

  12. Daniel Spencer

    Great service! Each stage of my order process was confirmed by e-mail, also I got a gift – 6 free seeds! Thanks

  13. Þorkell

    SB turned out to be way easier to grow than many other strains. Big yields with little fertilization. The flowering time lasted 9 weeks.

  14. oliver

    The three plants I’ve grown from these seeds are beautiful and getting so bushy! 2 seeds were bad


    I received my seeds in less than two weeks. All germinated.

  16. Michelle Alcaraz

    I received the product in just 14 days. It grows so well abundant with buds. Surely, I will buy more seeds from them in the future. The process was so smooth. I really appreciate it.

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