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Skunk refers to a family of marijuana varieties made by crossing skunk seeds with other marijuana strains. They are popular among growers because of their high yields, easy to moderate growth difficulty, and distinct taste and aroma. They are perfect for both recreational and medical use, but because of their high THC composition, novice users are advised to start low and go slow.

What Are Skunk Seeds?

Skunk does not stand for a specific strain; instead, it represents the Skunk cannabis family. They are best known for their unique flavor, aroma, and genetics. Skunk marijuana seeds are easy to grow, thus best for beginners and pros. They are popular among growers because of their high-yielding characteristics. You can find Skunk seeds for sale in our online seed shop. What's more, we have Skunk seeds feminized and Skunk autos. So the choice is yours.

Skunk Seeds give rise to many weed strains discussed below in the top 10 best Skunk cannabis seeds.

What Are the Benefits of Growing Skunk Seeds?

  • High Yield

Skunk marijuana seeds are rated amongst the highest-yielding seeds in the marijuana industry. So if you are looking for a high-yielding strain, please select from the list below. Alternatively, you can also visit our online seed bank for top-quality Skunk Seeds for sale.

  • Variety

When you are looking to grow Skunk strain seeds, you have the option of choosing Skunk seeds feminized, regular, or autoflowers.

Why Should You Grow Skunk Seeds Feminized?

Originally, only regular Skunk cannabis seeds were available in the market. However, because of advancements in the marijuana industry, breeders developed a variety of Skunk seeds feminized, which are now popular among home and commercial growers. This is because you do not have to worry about male plants, and you can use your growing space maximally. They are among the best-selling seeds in our seed bank.

Top 10 Skunk Seeds

Super Skunk Feminized Seeds

Super Skunk seeds are easy to grow and develop into medium-sized plants that thrive in mild climates. It is an Indica dominant strain with a 65:35 ratio of Indica to Sativa. Super Skunk produces large resinous buds after a blooming period of 60 to 65 days. These Skunk strain seeds are probably the best among the Skunk family, with indoor crops producing 1.6 – 2 oz/ft² (500 – 600 g/m²). Outdoor crops have higher yields as each plant produces about 21 – 25 oz (600 – 700 gr) per plant.

It is a cross between Afghan and Skunk #1. And users love it because of its pungent, skunky, and spicy flavor with sweet notes. This hybrid strain gives a calming body buzz that leaves you feeling relaxed and happy. You can cultivate Super Skunk Seeds both indoors and outdoors. The plant produces resinous buds with a high THC content averaging between 14 - 18% and low CBD levels.

Super Skunk strain seeds give buds that are perfect for social events as they give you a boost of confidence, making you super sociable and happy. You may even break into a fit of giggles for no reason.

Super Skunk Auto-Flowering Seeds

Super Skunk Auto seeds are perfect for a person looking for a quick harvest, as they have a short flowering time of 49 - 56 days. Because of their autoflowering features, these Skunk cannabis seeds grow into short plants with decent yields. Indoor crops produce 0.5 oz/ft² (150 g/m²), while outdoor crop yields range from 1 – 3.5 oz (30 – 100 gr) per plant.

Super Skunk Auto seeds are easy to grow and excel in mild climates. These Skunk seeds are 80% Indica and 20% Sativa and were obtained by crossbreeding SuperskunkNorthern Lights, and Ruderalis. They boast a pretty complex flavor and aroma profile that takes a while before getting used to it, but with time, you get to enjoy it. People argue that its taste has a mixture of cheese, skunk, earthy, citrus with sweet notes that surprise your tastebuds. Irrespective of the high THC content (14 - 19%), Super Skunk Auto offers users a cerebral buzz and relaxing high lasting around 90 minutes.

Great White Shark Feminized Seeds

Great White Shark is an Indica dominant strain that thrives in mild climates. Growers can easily cultivate this strain as its medium height makes it ideal for the indoor and outdoor environment. After a flowering time of 52 to 68 days, you are rewarded with massive indoor yields of up to up to 2.6 oz/ft² (800 g/m²). The flowering period for outdoor plants is longer, but the yields are higher than with each plant producing a maximum of up to 35 oz (1000 gr) per plant.

Great White Shark seeds are an offspring of Super Skunk, South American, and South Indian and comprise off 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. This strain produces dense and heavy nuggets coated with a glistening resin layer, contributing to the high THC content (21 - 24%) and less than 0.1% CBD levels. Apart from the unique flavor profile made of skunk, earthy, hash, and woodsy with hints of citrus and pine, Great White Shark boasts of a powerful head and body high ideal for chronic pain and stress relief.

If you are looking for a high-yielding strain, the Great White Shark Skunk strain seeds are your best bet. And to maximally use your growing space, plant Skunk seeds feminized, eliminating the chances of male plants and maximize yield.

Lavender Kush Feminized Seeds

Lavender Kush feminized seeds are perfect for beginner growers and are made by crossing Super SkunkAfghan, Hawaiian, and South Asian Indica. These seeds have a 60:40 ratio of Indica to Sativa. These Skunk cannabis seeds grow into medium-sized plants that thrive in mild climates. Their height makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation and produces dense buds that emit floral and spicy fragrances. Users love this strain because of the lavender and afghan hash taste with herbal notes.

The high THC content (15-19%) of Lavender Kush delivers a relaxing and sedating body high, making it a perfect nighttime strain.

If you are having trouble sleeping, Lavender Kush Skunk strain seeds are your go-to cannabis seeds. Better yet, the strain provides you with pretty impressive yields after a short blooming period of 55 to 65 days. Indoor yields range from 1.3 – 1.8 oz/ft² (400 – 550 g/m²), while outdoor crop yields range from 14 – 21 oz (400 – 600 gr) per plant. You can get lavender Kush Skunk seeds for sale from our online seed shop throughout the year.

Grape Ape Feminized Seeds

Grape Ape is an Indica dominant (90% Indica and 10% Sativa) strain popular for its distinct grape-like taste and smell. It is a three-cross strain of Mendocino Purps, Afghan, and Skunk #1. The strain's high THC content (15 - 25%) provides users with a full head and body high ideal for chronic pain and muscular tension. The powerful high can overwhelm even the experienced smoker, so novice users should keep off Grape Ape.

Grape Ape Skunk marijuana seeds grow into medium-sized plants that thrive in mild climates. The plants produce dense and compact buds ready for harvest after a flowering time of 42 - 56 days. When crushed, the dried buds give off a skunk and hash aroma, but on the inhale, you get to taste candy, grape, and musk with berry notes. Grape Ape can be quite a challenge for novice growers, thus ideal for growers with moderate growing experience.

The good thing is that you can cultivate these Skunk weed seeds in an indoor or outdoor environment. And their yields will never let you down. Indoor plants yield 1.6 oz/ft² (500 g/m²), while outdoor crops produce 25 oz (700 gr) per plant.

If you are looking to plant Skunk seeds to help manage chronic pain and knock you out until the next day, Grape Ape is your best bet. On our website, we have the best Grape Ape Skunk seeds for sale.

Green Crack Feminized Seeds

Don't let its name put you off; there is nothing illegal in this green herb. Considered the highest-yielding Skunk cannabis seeds, Green Crack is a favorite of growers. Fact that it is easy to grow and that thrive in warm Mediterranean climates makes it even more endearing.

Indoor Green Crack plants flowers for 49 to 63 days, after which you are rewarded with 2 oz/ft² (600 g/m²). And if you want even better yields, opt to grow your Skunk weed seeds outdoor as the yields are humongous, with each plant producing 28 – 42 oz (800 – 1200 gr) per plant.

Green Crack feminized seeds grow into tall plants that produce resinous bud with high THC content (17 - 25%) and less than 0.1% CBD levels. It is an offspring of Skunk #1 and Afghani Landrace. It is a Sativa dominant strain with a 65:35 ratio of Sativa to Indica.

Green Crack Skunk marijuana seeds are popular among users because of their tropical, citrusy, earthy flavors that leave your tastebuds wanting more. It delivers an uplifting and energetic high that leaves you feeling happy, focused, and creative.

If you are looking to plant a daytime strain from the Skunk seeds family, opt for Green Crack Skunk seeds for sale from our seed bank. This is because they do not sedate you; instead, they give you an energy boost to start your day on the right note.

Critical Fast Bud Auto Seeds

Critical Fast Bud strain is an Indica dominant strain, ideal for novice growers looking for a quick harvest. The strain comprises 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.

Critical Fast Bud auto grows into short plants perfect for indoor and outdoor cultivation. These Skunk marijuana Seeds produce massive yields after a brief flowering time of 35 to 42 days, irrespective of their small structure. Indoor cultivation yields averaging between 1.3 – 1.6 oz/ft² (400 – 500 g/m²) and 2.4 – 2.8 oz (70 – 80 gr) per plant for outdoor crops.

Critical Fast Bud auto seeds produce potent buds with 17 - 20% THC levels perfect for delivering relaxing and corporal effects. These Skunk weed seeds are made by crossing AfghanSkunk, and Ruderalis. Their sweet, diesel flavors, potency, and therapeutic effects are why this strain is most sought after worldwide. So when you get your hands on Critical Fast Bud auto Skunk seeds for sale, do not hesitate.

Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

Super Silver Haze is a Sativa dominant strain (80% Sativa/20% Indica) made by mixing HazeSkunk No.1, and Northern Lights. The strain boasts of a sweet and spicy flavor with metallic and citrus notes. With the high THC levels (15 - 19%), Super Silver Haze delivers a powerful and mind-stimulating high.

This award-winning strain excels both indoors and outdoors. If you are looking to grow a pick-me-up strain, Super Silver Haze skunk seeds will never let you down, from their high yields, unique taste, and aroma to potency.

Growing these Skunk weed seeds can be tricky for novice growers but a walk in the park for growers with loads of experience. After a flowering time of 65 to 70 days, you are rewarded with high indoor yields that range from 1.6 – 2 oz/ft² (500 – 600 g/m²). In an Outdoor setting, each plant produces 21 – 24 oz (600 – 700 gr) per plant.

Master Kush Feminized Seeds

Master Kush is an Indica dominant strain and a perfect hit to kick back with after a gruesome day. With its earthy, pungent, and pine aromas, Master Kush offers users an uplifting and euphoric high, leaving them feeling happy and relaxed. It's a perfect medical strain as it helps patients manage chronic pain, sleep disorders, and mental ailments such as stress and depression.

Master Kush is a blend of the Hindu Kush and Skunk, and the ratio of Indica to Sativa is 90:10

Cultivating Master Kush is straightforward for growers with relative experience. This strain will excel whether you grow her in a confined space or out in the field. Outdoors, Master Kush Skunk seeds thrive in warm climates and reward the growers with generous yields. After a flowering period of 56 to 70 days, indoor crops produce 1.3 oz/ft² (400 g/m²). Outdoor crops take a little longer to mature, with each plant having approximately 18 oz (500 gr) per plant of flowers containing an average of 20 - 24% THC content.

Big Bud Feminized Seeds

Although Big Bud seeds can be cultivated in an indoor and outdoor environment; it's best for indoor cultivation and has a flowering period of 60 - 65 days. These Skunk marijuana seeds grow into medium-sized plants with massive buds with THC levels ranging from 15 to 20%. It is easy to grow Big Bud and this strain thrives in warm sunny climates. Big Bud is an offspring of Afghan and Skunk. It contains 85% Indica and 15% Sativa.

Users love Big Buds because of the smooth, fruity, and kush flavor profiles topped by the powerful head high and body high. If you plan on using Big Bud, ensure that you have no pending tasks because you will be glued to your seat. It is perfect for watching movies or listening to music.

Big Bud plants are medium in height, and during the vegetative stage, growers are required to train the plants by bending them to allow for horizontal growth. The plants produce dense and heavy buds, with indoor cultivations yielding approximately 1.5 – 1.6 oz/ft² (450 – 500 g/m²) and 19 oz (550 gr) per plant for outdoor crops.

Final Thoughts on Skunk Seeds

If you are looking to plant Skunk Seeds in your home garden, it's best that you only buy top-shelf cannabis seeds. Only then will you be assured of high yields and quality buds.

Before buying your seeds, ensure that they will meet your specific needs. In this guide, we've provided you with a list of the best 10 Skunk Seeds for sale available in our online seed shop.

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