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Sativa strains are famous for their soaring head high, which does not sedate, and their tall spindly plants with long leaves and fluffy buds. Therefore, if you love the finer things in life, pure Sativa seeds have everything you need. Read on to find out what pure Sativa seeds are and why you should cultivate this daytime strain. We have prepared a list of 4 of the best pure Sativa cannabis seeds.

What Are Pure Sativa Seeds?

Pure Sativa weed seeds are a variety of cannabis seeds from the Cannabaceae family. They are believed to possess the highest percentage (100%) of Sativa genetics. They grow into tall, lanky plants that have long leaves with fluffy buds. Their flowering time is longer than that of Indica strains, lasting from 10 to 20 weeks. They are ideal for people looking for marijuana strain with a powerful cerebral high and energizing effects.
When you browse online seed catalogs for pure Sativa seeds for sale, you can choose between:

Regular Pure Sativa Seeds

They comprise male and female plants. They are ideal for growers with a bit of experience, as you will need to monitor them during the flowering phase and remove the male plants as early as possible to avoid cross-pollination.

Pure Sativa Feminized Seeds

Although rare, you may be one of the lucky ones, and when you get your hands on these seeds, don't hesitate irrespective of the cost. Due to cross-breeding, it's pretty hard to find pure Sativa, and most are about 90% Sativa; a good example is Kali Mist.

Pure Sativa Autoflowering Seeds

When pure Sativa strains seeds are mixed with Ruderalis, you will have autoflowering pure Sativa strains, ideal for people looking for a quick harvest.

Do Pure Sativa Strains Seeds Exist?

Yes. There are lots of pure Sativa marijuana seeds in the market. However, it has become more difficult to cultivate these strains in recent years as they are uncontrollable and do not excel in temperate climates. Therefore, most growers do not prefer to grow pure Sativa seeds.

It has also become more challenging to come across these 'pure' seeds, and most people are still questioning their purity. So when you find pure Sativa seeds for sale in the online seed catalogs, make haste and buy.

Why Should You Grow Pure Sativa Seeds?

High Yields

The reason many cannabis growers cultivate pure Sativa strain seeds is because of the high yields. Sativa seeds grow into tall plants with many fluffy buds that contribute to the strain high yields. If you want even higher yields, grow pure Sativa seeds outdoors; although you will have a longer flowering period, the yields will be worth your patience.

Stimulating and Uplifting High

People who love using cannabis during the day opt to grow pure Sativa seeds, because, unlike Indica strains whose high leaves couch-locked you, Sativa energizes, best for when you need to focus on your work. Many people opt to use pure Sativa strains because of the uplifting high that leaves you active.

Creativity Boost

If you are a creative; musician, artist, painter, or sculptor, encountering creativity blocks is high. And as we know, buds from Sativa seeds give you a creativity boost. So what's stopping you from planting a few pure Sativa plants in your garden. Buy pure Sativa seeds from our online seed shop and get planting.

Medical Purposes

In most countries the law allows patients to grow a certain number of medical cannabis plants in their homestead. While some buy from pharmacies, others opt to plant these cannabis seeds because of their ability to heal a wide range of elements. This is because pure Sativa strain seeds have higher levels of THC and CBD than Indica strains. Since CBD counters the THC high, Sativas are ideal for treating anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. What are you waiting for? Buy pure Sativa seeds for your garden, and you are assured of quality products as long as you give your plants excellent care.

Recreational Purposes

That pure Sativa strain high does not leave you couch-locked makes it ideal for a daytime high. This is because pure Sativa's effects keep you active and on your feet, allowing you to get work done. Pure Sativas are ideal for a social event as it helps you loosen up in social functions while giving a confidence boost, making it easy for you to hold conversations. But we don't recommend taking cannabis while driving or handling heavy pieces of machinery as you could cause accidents.

Where To Buy Pure Sativa Seeds?

You can buy pure Sativa seeds in our online seed shop. Although it is hard to get your hand on landrace strains, our online seed shop has the best genetics of pure Sativa seeds to satisfy your palate. Since Sativa seeds grow into tall plants, they are not ideal for indoor growing; they are best if you live in warm and subtropical climates. In this guide, we have provided a list of 4 of the best Pure Sativa seeds in the market. So choose the pure Sativa cannabis strain that suits your needs.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Pure Sativa Seeds

  • Terpenes - The amount and terpenes determine the strain's smell, flavor, and effects. Therefore, ensure that you buy pure Sativa seeds with the essential terpenes. For instance, pinene's presence makes a strain taste and smell like pine and has mood-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Purpose - If you are growing pure Sativa cannabis seeds for medical purposes, buy Sativa seeds with the highest CBD level possible. Still, if it's for recreational purposes, go for seeds with high THC content.
  • Yields - Different pure Sativa seeds produce varying yield levels, ensure the strain you choose has moderate to high yields.
  • Cost - When buying cannabis seeds, one of the factors is the price because the cheaper the cost, the higher the chance of getting low-quality buds.

The price of Sativa weed seeds is not different from that of Indica seeds, and there is a pricing level to be followed from the cheapest to the most expensive. However, you must know that the cost of pure Sativa cannabis seeds is higher than regular and hybrids. So be ready to dig deep in your pockets. You can find pure Sativa seeds for sale on Dutch seeds Shop.

Growing Pure Sativa Seeds

Pure Sativa cannabis seeds are suitable for expert growers with a load of patience because they have a long flowering period. They are tall plants that sometimes exceed 12 feet in height and require a lot of sunlight. Therefore, train your plants so that sunlight can penetrate each part of your plant.

When you grow pure Sativa weed seeds outdoors in warm climates, you are rewarded with massive yields of tall, dense buds covered with a thick layer of resin. Because of the strain's rich terpene profile, the cured buds' taste and smell are reminiscent of tropical and citrus flavor. Pure Sativa strains are also excellent for concentrate extraction.

Top 4 Pure Sativa Seeds

For decades, cannabis growers know that if you want to grow cannabis strains that induce deep relaxation, you go for Indica strains. At the same time, those seeking an energetic and uplifting high opt for pure Sativa strains seeds. Discussed below are 4 of the best pure Sativa weed seeds.

Chocolate Thai

Chocolate Thai is a landrace strain with hints of chocolate and coffee in its flavor. These Pure Sativa cannabis seeds grow into tall plants with a long flowering period of 63 – 70 days. The dried bud's cannabinoid profiles comprise low CBD levels and high THC content ranging from 10 to 15%. This strain offers cannabis lovers a euphoric and creative high that leaves them feeling happy and giggly.

Chocolate Thai seeds are produced by crossing OG Chocolate Thai with Big Sur Holy Weed. It is perfect for growers with moderate growing experience and excels both indoors and outdoors. Provided you provide these pure Sativa marijuana seeds with optimal growing conditions, a warm environment, nutrients, and lighting, you will have a decent harvest. Indoor plants will give you a total of 1.1 oz/ft² (350 g/m²) and 10 – 12 oz (300 – 350 gr) per plant for the outdoor crop.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a landrace strain that hails from Durban, South Africa. Contrary to its name, this strain has a unique flavor with notes of orange, spice, vanilla. It is a daytime strain that provides users with powerful, uplifting, and energizing effects. Its cannabinoid profiles, 21.5% THC and 1% CBD makes Durban Poison perfect for treating a wide range of ailments.

Durban Poison pure Sativa weed seeds thrive in Northern and Southern Latitudes and are easy to cultivate, thus perfect for beginners. The plants have a maximum height of 4 m with a flowering period of about 8 – 9 weeks. It produces resinous, dense, and slim structured buds, ranging from 1.1 oz/ft² (350 g/m²) for indoor plants and 14 – 16 oz (400 – 450 gr) per plant for the outdoor crop.

Colombian Gold

Also known as Santa Marta Colombian Gold is a strain that offers users a head high that is both relaxing and uplifting. Colombian Gold is a beautiful strain that will turn you into a Sativa fan with its sweet notes of lemon and limes and high THC levels (14-20%).

Colombian Gold seeds originated from the Santa Marta Mountains of Colombia, thus thrive in a subtropical climate and grows into medium to tall plants. It is best for growers with a great deal of patience and moderate experience, as they have a pretty long flowering time lasting from 75 to 90 days. The rewarding yield is worth the effort, as indoor yields range from 1.1 – 1.3 oz/ft² (350 – 400 g/m²) and 16 – 21 oz (450 – 600 gr) per plant for the outdoor crop.

Hawaiian Snow

Hawaiian Snow is an award-winning cannabis strain with high levels of THC (23%). Cured buds emit a hazy smell and taste with hints of citrus and eucalyptus. Because of the strain levels of potency, cannabis users get to enjoy energetic and uplifting effects. It also makes you intensely happy with an overwhelming case of giggles.

It is a cross between Laos and Hawaiian. Growing Hawaiian Snow pure Sativa marijuana seeds is pretty easy. With a flowering period of 11 weeks, this strain provides growers with enormous yields that range between 24 – 42 oz (700 – 1200 gr) per plant for the outdoor crop and 2.3 oz/ft² (700 g/m²) for indoor plants. This strain is perfect for expert cannabis growers.

What Are the Differences Between Pure Sativa Seeds and Pure Indica Seeds?

There is a clear distinction between plants grown by pure Sativa strain seeds and pure Indica seeds, from their appearance, taste, aroma, and effects.

  • Appearance - Pure Sativa strains seeds grow into tall spindly plants with long thin leaves, while pure Indica strains have short bushy plants. Unlike Indica, Sativa plants are not bushy, and they have fluffy buds. Sativa seeds thrive in warm climates where the growing seasons are longer to support the long flowering cycle. At the same time, Indica prefers colder climates with brief seasons perfect for their short blossoming time.
  • Taste and Aroma - The taste and smell of Sativa strains are reminiscent of sweet and spicy with hints of citrus and fruit notes, while Indica strains have an earthy and skunky flavor and aroma.
  • Effects - Indica strains are popular for their potent sedating high, while Sativa is famous for uplifting, energizing, and creativity high.
  • Genetics - These seeds have the highest percentage (100%) of Sativa genes, while Indicas also have the highest percentage (100%) of Indica genetics.

What Would You Prefer, Pure Sativa Seeds or Hybrid Seeds?

Would you like a Pure Sativa strain or hybrid strain? Without a doubt, you will find pure Sativa seeds for sale in online seed shops, but the probability of having the mature bud containing 100% Sativa is minimal; the chances are the ‘landrace strain’ will have 95% Sativa and 5% Indica. This is because of the rampant cross-breeding of different strains.

Final Thoughts on Pure Sativa Seeds

Pure Sativa seeds are popular among marijuana growers because of their high yields. The uplifting, energetic, and creative effects of this strain are why users are crowding the retail outlets to get their hand on this potent strain that’s perfect for daytime use.

Various online seed shops sell these daytime strains; look for the most reputable supplier and buy Sativa weed seeds from us that meet your needs from the provided list.

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