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Autoflower seeds are the best for beginner marijuana growers because they are easy to manage and have a faster life cycle. Despite being the first choice for many, they are not without their cons.

In this text, we will discuss everything you need to know about autoflowering marijuana strains and we also provide you with a list of the best autoflower weed seeds in the market today.

Pros of Autoflower Seeds

The short life cycle of autoflowering cannabis seeds and its hardy nature is why growers, especially beginners, are more inclined to cultivate this non-photoperiod strain.

  • Faster Life Cycle
    Autoflowers have a pretty short life cycle compared to their photoperiod counterparts. Those who have had the joy of growing this type of strain will tell you that some strains can flower in 3 to 4 weeks after the seed is planted. At the same time, photoperiod strains take several months before they bloom. If you are in a hurry to taste marijuana grown by yourself, then autoflower feminized seeds are your best bet.
  • Discreet Plants
    Even though weed is permitted in many states, some states are still restricted. While we don't advise people to go against the law, even in the legal states, people have to practice discretion when growing this type of plants, riddled with misconception. And the best plant to go with is autoflowering cannabis.
    It's small, and compact size allows you to cultivate this plant in confined spaces, such as closets, balconies, or other hidden places in your backyard. The good thing is that their faster life cycle makes it hard for visitors to notice them, which is not the case with photoperiod strains.

    The goal of growing auto strain is to keep it as small as possible, and you can achieve this by giving micro-growing a try. And ensure to use low-stress training to keep the plant short and under control.
  • Resilient
    Another reason autoflower weed seeds are popular among beginner growers and veterans is their resilient nature, which is attributed to their ruderalis heritage. Their ability to adapt faster makes them ideal for extreme temperatures and harsh climatic conditions.

    Majority of autoflowers thrive in the face of diseases and pests as they are resistant. They are also not affected by overfeeding, underfeeding, and mold. Therefore, if the weather changes abruptly in your region, then autoflower marijuana seeds are your go-to strain as they are forgiving and can survive when conditions are not ideal.
  • Not Affected by Changes in Lighting
    Abrupt changes in the lighting schedule, or presence of harsh lighting such as street light, or a leak in a grow tent can mess up photoperiod plants. However, autoflowers are not victims of changes in the lighting system. Because they are not affected by environmental factors such as light cycles, they are their bosses.
  • Doesn't Need a Lot of Nutrition
    Autoflower cannabis seeds do well in less nutritious soils. Therefore, you do not need to add fertilizers. The growing medium mix for autoflower seeds comprises:
    - 3 parts peat moss
    - 3 parts compost
    - 2 parts moistened perlite, and
    - 1 part moistened vermiculite
  • Higher CBD Strains
    Although research is being conducted on the various benefits of marijuana, the existing research shows that cannabidiol, a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants, has many therapeutic benefits.

    Autoflower weed seeds have ruderalis genetics, so most autoflowers strains are with low THC and higher CBD than regular or feminized varieties. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the non-psychoactive effects of marijuana, choose to grow an autoflower. But if you want the high, they can still be an ideal choice, but it won't last as the CBD neutralizes it.
  • Less Space
    If you don't have a lot of room, don't worry because the compact size of autoflowers allows you to grow it anywhere, even in your closet. Therefore, you don't incur the cost of adding space. You can even plant it in your balcony.
  • Multiple Harvests Each Year
    The fact that autoflowers do not rely upon lighting schedule to blooms ensures you that you will have several harvests in a year, especially if you are growing them outdoors. The best way to have a supply of cannabis throughout the year is by staggering your plants. Grow in intervals such that when you are harvesting some, others are nearing their maturity. Another important factor is if you grow autoflower feminized seeds, you eliminate the chances of getting male plants.
  • Best for Beginners
    Their fast life cycle, hardy nature and resistance to diseases, pests, and mold make them suitable for beginner growers. Furthermore, they are less demanding compared to their photoperiod counterparts. It would be best if you choose autoflower seeds feminized as they eliminate the process of pollination, and you are assured that 100% of your plants will be female.

Cons of Autoflower Seeds

  • Lower Yields
    Autoflowers are small and compact, and because of this, they are incapable to produce big and dense buds. And because of its small size, each plant will have a few buds, hence low yields. This makes it an issue for commercial growers, and that is the reason why you can find that they are mostly grown by hobbyists and for personal use. If you want to grow in large amounts, you can use autoflowers seeds feminized to increase the chances of getting female plants, thus more yields. It also eliminates the process of fertilization between male and female plants.
  • Low THC Strains
    Despite their many desirable traits, this cannabis strain is not the perfect choice for a person looking to get high, as they have low THC content. The high derived from smoking autoflowers is not as high as that of regular or feminized photoperiod seeds with high THC seeds.

    But don't let this put you off. You can still find and buy autoflower seeds that have a higher level of THC if you want to get high.
  • Vulnerable to Growth Errors
    The short and fast life cycle and hardiness are why people opt to use the best autoflower seeds for personal weed. However, this can go south quick if you make a mistake while growing or training your plants.

    Suppose you choose to train your autoflowers, practice caution because a simple mistake can lead to stunted growth. For instance; if you decide to low-stress train, do it when the branches are still soft and bendable.

    The other method of training your plants is super cropping, which is done when the plants have become hardy, and the branches are strong. If you make a mistake here, your plants may or may not recover. This method is not suitable for autoflowers because they grow quickly, and chances are they will not have recovered by the time they reach maturity, thus lowering the already low yields.
  • Cannot Be Cloned
    It's not a wonder to find that you've fallen in love with your plants, and like other marijuana plants, you would like to have several clones of the same plants. This is possible by using cuttings, otherwise known as clones. While this is doable with photoperiod cannabis strains, unfortunately, it is not possible with autoflowering plants. The only way to grow autoflowers is by using seeds.

    Note: Although growing from a cutting will give you the same products as the mother plants, the plant-derived from a clone is not as strong as the one grown from seeds and is more susceptible to errors during the cultivation process.
  • Cost of Lighting
    The lighting cost in autoflower weed seeds is high because some growers prefer to expose them to 24 hours lighting schedule. The low cost of nutrients cancels out the high lighting cost. While it's not a must to expose the plants to a lot of light as they can survive on a 12/12 lighting schedule, the resulting yields will be lower.

How Autoflower Seeds Are Made?

Autoflower marijuana seeds are created crossing different cannabis strains. This involves mixing Cannabis ruderalis with Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica strains to produce some of the most popular autoflowers. Cannabis ruderalis comes from Russia; thus, the reason it is adaptable to cold weather.

Best Conditions for Growing Autoflower Seeds

Within a short time of as little as 6 weeks, you have your autoflowers ready for harvesting. But before getting there, you need to ensure that you have the best conditions for growing this cannabis strain to be guaranteed high-quality weed.

  • Autoflower seeds thrive in light and airy soil. Therefore, the preferred soil mix comprises 3 parts peat moss, 3 parts compost, 2 parts moistened perlite, and 1 part moistened vermiculite. After your soil mix is ready, add some Easy Boost Organic Nutrition to add the required nutrients.
  • Your soil pH should not be too high nor too low, maintain it between 6.0 and 6.5. Make use of a pH tester to monitor.
  • Although autoflowers marijuana seeds do not need a specific lighting schedule, you will get the best results if you stick to an 18/6 lighting cycle. 18 hours light and 6 hours of darkness if you want high yields.
  • Adjust the temperature and relative humidity (RH) accordingly at each growth phase.

Choosing Autoflower Seeds

There are many confusing choices for beginners and veterans alike. If you are looking to grow autoflower marijuana seeds, choose from the list below:

Amnesia Haze Auto

Amnesia Haze Auto is a popular strain that has captured the interest of cannabis fans because of its psychedelic high and spicy and sweet taste. This variety of Amnesia Haze is easy to grow and has a short life cycle compared to her feminized sister. This strain is made adding Ruderalis magic to the original Amnesia Haze strain, resulting in Amnesia Haze auto, which retains all the original strain qualities.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Girl Scout Cookies autoflower seeds feminized produce dense and bright green buds wrapped with a heavy trichomes layer. And like the original Girl Scout Cookies, this variety is Indica dominant, meaning that users enjoy cerebral and body high effects. This autoflower takes 8 - 9 weeks to matures and grows up to a height of 25 - 40 inches (60 - 100cm).

Blueberry Auto

This is an Indica dominant hybrid that is produced by mixing Ruderalis and original Blueberry. The resulting plants are small and easier to manage. Blueberry auto seeds comprise 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. This is among the best autoflower cannabis seeds because of its short life cycle and discreet growth as it grows up to 30 inches (75 cm) high.

CBD Critical Mass Auto

This is a hybrid strain with a relatively high percentage of CBD going from 5 to 8% created by crossing Critical Mass and pure CBD strain. Compared to other autoflowers, CBD Critical Mass Auto is pretty huge with resinous buds. You can cultivate this autoflower both indoors and outdoors, and it takes about 8 to 9 weeks from seedling to harvest. Its height averages between 30 - 60 inches (80 - 150 cm). It has a sweet and earthy taste and can be used for muscle relaxation and anti-inflammation.

Critical Fast Bud Auto

Critical Fast Bud Auto is fast-growing cannabis strain with high THC content. It is one of the fastest-growing autoflower marijuana varieties worldwide, with 6 - 8 weeks from seed to harvest with the height ranging between 35 and 55 inches (90 and 140 cm). This Indica dominant strain is a product of Afghani, Skunk, and Ruderalis. It produces dense buds that are prone to mold if the conditions are not right.

60 Day Wonder Auto

These are some of the best autoflower seeds in the market. 60 Day Wonder auto produces fat and resinous bud, and it can be grown for commercial purposes. The good thing about these autoflower feminized seeds is that they can give you a minimum of 4 harvests per year. The strain's Indica to Sativa ratio is 90:10.

Gelato Auto

This is a famous autoflower weed strain from Fastbuds. Gelato Auto has a delectable taste that combines cookies and ice cream. This yummy strain has a high THC of 19 - 21 % and produces resinous buds that are pleasing to look at. This autoflower grows up to a height of 50 inches (120 cm). It is ideal for people with depression and insomnia.

Purple Kush Auto

Purple Kush Auto are the best autoflower feminized seeds and are created by crossing the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. The plants have dense and solid buds with dark green coloration. This strain is Indica dominant and gives a long-lasting high. Their purple hues and glistening trichome covered buds improve your garden aesthetic. You can grow them either indoors or outdoors, and it takes about 9 weeks to mature with a height of 50 inches (130 cm).

OG Kush Auto

OG Kush autoflower marijuana seeds have an esteemed origin as it's a mix between OG Kush and Ruderalis. These autoflower seeds feminized can be grown indoors and outdoors and produce buds coated with a fragrant layer of resin. They are easy to grow and take about 8 - 9 weeks from seed to harvest and grow to a height of 25 - 50 inches (60 - 120cm).

White Widow Auto

White widow autoflower cannabis seeds produce bushy and frosty plants with numerous flowers. The buds are dense, and they have a strong fragrance. This autoflower gives its users a well-balanced high. This autoflowering cannabis strain takes about 8 - 9 weeks to mature. Most plants reach a height of 20 inches (50 cm), and some phenotypes reach up to 40 inches (100 cm).

Differences Between Feminized and Autoflower Seeds

If you have browsed the internet for cannabis, you must have come across feminized seeds. You may wonder, what are they? Feminized seeds are produced when breeders modify a particular cannabis strain to produce only female plants. Autoflower seeds feminized are got when breeders mix an original strain with Ruderalis.

The good thing is that autoflowers and photoperiod marijuana strains can be feminized. This is what most growers want as it eliminated the process of cross-pollination.

FAQ About Autoflower Seeds

Autoflowers stops growing and begins to bloom in 3 - 4 weeks from the seed stage thanks to the genes of Ruderalis, wild hemp growing in cold climates. Autoflower cannabis strains are hybrid blends of Ruderalis, Indica and Sativa. The short lifespan lets Ruderalis give offsprings outdoor during short summers and cold falls of Canada and the northern USA.

Most often autoflower marijuana plants are ready to harvest in 2 - 3 months from germination.

8 gallon (30 L) pots will be more than enough for autoflower plants of most varieties, but you can use 3 gallon (10 L) sized pots. Autoflowering marijuana varieties are rather compact – often about 25 inches (60 cm) tall.

Autoflowering marijuana plants need at least 12 hours of light a day, but for better results, 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness are recommended.

Autoflowering plants mostly contain low amounts of THC. The highest amount of THC is 20%; it can be found in Autoflowering Amnesia Haze.

These days, autoflowering seeds not only can be feminized but in fact, they often are. They are known as "autofem". Feminized seeds bring forth only female plants, which means more yields, higher levels of THC and CBD, and no efforts wasted on growing male plants.

Final Thoughts on Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower seeds are the best for beginner growers because they are easy to manage, hardy, and resistant to pests and diseases. Therefore, if you are looking to get experience cultivating weed, this is the best strain to start with. The good thing is that we have a large selection of the most sought after auto strains and with our fast delivery you can enjoy your buds in a short time.

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